today's feature on freunde von freunden!

We're very proud to be the subject of the latest interview series from the amazing, incredibly-curated Freunde von Freunden website!

"By all appearances, Brad Ascalon’s Upper Manhattan home design studio should belong to a musician. A trio of guitars and a solitary ukulele line the walls; opposite his desk sits a modest keyboard. It’s music that helps the multidisciplinary designer unkink knotty design problems. And judging from the design briefs tacked to the wall—both old and new, ranging from clients like L’Oreal to Design Within Reach—the need for astute problem-solving must arise often. “There’s not much difference between music and art and design,” Brad says after a short stroll along the East River. His dog, Charlie Parker, trots by his side. “They all come from the same place. They resolve themselves in the same ways..."

Click the image below to learn more about Brad Ascalon, his thoughts, his history, his process and his passions outside of design...


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